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Bathroom Repairs
Updating or repairing your bathroom is one of the best values for your home improvement dollar. EthanRobert Construction will manage your bathroom repairs from start to finish. 

Faucette Replace/Repair
Replace or repair your bath fixtures, sink faucette, pedistal sink and/or toilet.

Tile Repair
Even the smallest cracks in your grout or tile can let in enough water to cause serious damage to your framing or the space below. When you see cracks or loose tile it is extremely important to repair this as quickly as possible. Re-grouting and sealing your tile will create a protective barrier that will prevent damage to other areas of your home. If your shower or bathtub area has already been damaged by tile or grout failure we can repair any rotted areas and replace your tile.

Bathtub Refinishing/Painting
If you have an older bathtub and your budget is limited, refinishing may be the answer. It is a durable finish that will last for years. Adding fresh paint to your walls and painting your vanity cabinet can provide an updated look and is a cost effective way to beautify your bathroom. We also offer HVLP painting technology, which will provide a superior finish.

Bathroom Vent Fans
Vent fans are an important feature in your bathroom that can prevent moisture issues. Many older homes do not have vent fans or the existing vent fan is noisy and inefficient. Adding or replacing a new vent fan along with a timer will not only remove the moisture from the bathroom but will save you money on your energy bills.

Repair Rotted Floors/Walls
It’s not uncommon to have rot issues in your bathroom area. Tile and grout can crack or come loose or toilets and sinks can leak. These scenarios can cause damage to your sub floor, drywall, or framing. In addition to aesthetic repairs we will also address any structural issues that have occurred.  
Bathroom amenities are the final touches that personalize the look and feel of your bathroom. We can replace or add new fixtures such as towel bars, toilet paper holders, hand towel holders, mirrors, lighting, and ADA safety compliant devices.

Shower Doors
Finish a bathroom or make it more functional, EthanRobert Construction can install shower doors or shower curtains.

Bath Storage/Cabinets
Have an old vanity cabinet? Change it out and update the faucette, it can make a big of difference for the look and function of your bathroom.

Counter Surfaces
Changing out your countertop surface can be a great way to enhance your bathroom. We install a wide variety of countertop surfaces such as laminate, solid surface, tile and stone.


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